I’m a traveler with a commitment to getting lost. Getting lost is a process. We open ourselves to new opportunities when we are willing to get lost and explore. It’s in these moments where we embrace uncertainty that we discover ourselves. We push our limits and break free from the boundaries we placed on ourselves.

Nomad Lyfe encourages travelers to be courageous and adventurous on their journey. By embracing uncertainty, travelers can transgress all borders – mental, physical, and emotional – and find their he(art).  Nomad Lyfe helps travelers get lost and follow their he(art)s where art serves as a medium to illustrate our reality and understand its various dimensions. Come get lost with me @nomad.lyfe





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A Peek into the World of Psychedelic Surrealism

Did you know that cats control portals? Many cultures recognize cats as powerful creatures. Buddhists in Southeast Asia and the Ancient Egyptians treated cats like gods and believed that cats controlled the pathways to the afterlife. Geed believes cats control the portal to the present moment by helping you connect with your surroundings. I had … Continue reading A Peek into the World of Psychedelic Surrealism

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